Review of Vogue: The Gown


Small talk directed from non-librarians to librarians often includes the question, “Aren’t books all electronic now, anyway?” The short answer is NO, followed by extra laughing if the librarian you’re talking to is an art librarian. This is in part because of massive, lavish books like Vogue: The Gown, by Jo Ellison, with its hundreds of color plates. Just try to get this gorgeous satiny cover with silver foil embossing, and its matching cover, in e-form. (My editor at Library Journal jokingly apologized for any possible drool on the book.)

Beyond its beautiful packaging, however, I appreciate Ellison’s book for its illuminations of visual and conceptual connections from the archives through clever juxtapositions of pictures and thematic essays.

My verdict: “This extravagant compilation will seduce anyone who is drawn to powerful photographic images and the visual sweep of Vogue’s history.”

The full review is featured in “Fashion Statements” on Library Journal’s website and also via the subscription version of LJ.

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